In Memoriam of Dr. James D. Gee


Messenger College is saddened to announce the passing of our former president, Dr. James D. Gee.


During this difficult time, the Messenger family mourns the loss and celebrates the life of one of our foundational leaders. Dr. Gee served as Messenger College’s President during 1990-1995 and 1997-2001. Dr. Gee was present at the opening of Messenger College in 1987 at the Joplin campus as the World Missions Director. A few years later, he became President of Messenger College and supervised the construction of the Prayer Chapel. In addition, he assisted MC in obtaining accreditation from the Transnational Association of Christian Schools in 1998.


Dr. Gee’s legacy is seen daily through the lives of Messenger students, staff, and alumni. Brother Gee’s pastoral heart and love for Messenger College was always evident. He believed the school was the future of the organization, and poured his life into the lives of the students. Dr. Gee was a leader, mentor, pastor, and visionary for MC. He set the standard for excellence, love, and leadership at MC, and we will continue to follow his example.


Just prior to his passing, the Messenger College Board of Governors voted to name the residential housing facility at the Euless, Texas campus the James D. Gee Student Life Center in honor of his contribution to the college. The Board also voted to name the chapel the Diana Gee & PCG Women’s Ministry Chapel in honor of his wife and the contribution of the Women’s Ministry Department. While the MC family is deeply saddened by his passing, we are honored to serve as a badge of his impact and legacy at Messenger College and in the kingdom of God.


President Gee, your legacy is limitless and your memory will last forever. Thank you for all of the hard work, prayers, and heart you have poured into the lives of the Messenger family. We are eternally grateful.