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This webpage serves as the entry point for both on campus and online learning students, providing information about Library Services resources, tools, virtual library, and database resources available to all faculty, staff and students at Messenger College. 


Students can use the menu options on the page to explore the virtual library, and access training tutorials on how to access the virtual library and its online database resources.  


The MC VIRTUAL LIBRARY is located at

This site is a direct link to the Messenger College Library Catalog, databases and ebooks. Messenger College is a member of the Harrington Library Consortium. You may also search the libraries of other HLC members. See below for user tutorials.


Library Orientation

User Tutorials and Resources coming soon: 


Contact Us 

Mary Thomason, Director of Library Services
2701 Brown Trail

Suite 401

Bedford, Texas 76039

Phone 817.554.5950 Email 

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm 


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