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Become an Eagle.

Apply today.

Messenger College seeks applicants who desire a community focused and dedicated to the pursuit of God's purpose for them in His Kingdom. The students who enroll at MC share a passion to become men and women of God fashioned as arrows in His hand ready to be released into their world for His glory. 

Have more questions? Check out the information below the application form. 

Ready to become a World Changer? Then, let's get started! 

How to Apply for Admission 

1. Before beginning your application, be sure to check out the Admissions Checklist and Requirements.

Additionally, you can review the Admissions Policies for Residential Students.

International Students can check out our page specific to them- CLICK HERE

2. Begin your application for admission by completing the intake form below, and selecting one of the following application options from the drop-down menu

Application for Readmission- withdrawn students desiring to re-enroll

Audit Student Application-Non Credit- for use by non degree seeking students wishing to audit a course

Online Learning Program - our online learning program launched fall of 2023! If you are ready to apply- complete an application today! 

Residential Learning Program- prospective students applying to the Main Campus in Bedford, Texas

3. After you complete the application, submit your application fee. ​If you are unable to complete the application now, check the email account you entered when starting the application for a link to access your saved application. 

4. Once you complete the application, request all official transcripts (high school and previous colleges) and college entrance exam scores (if applicable) and send to:

The Office of Enrollment Services
PO Box 1207
Euless, Texas 76039-1207. 

5. An admissions decision is determined once the above materials are submitted.


For any questions concerning your application, contact our Enrollment Team with questions at or 817.554.5950 

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