Counseling Group


Messenger College provides a residential learning platform for students to gain knowledge and experience in counseling. The Counseling program prepares students for relational ministry in the world and the church. This degree focuses on preparing students for counseling in a pastoral setting, and further graduate work in the professional field of school counseling, social work, marriage and family therapy, or mental health care counseling. 


Sample Study Sequence 

Semester One: Academic Success, English Comp 1, Humanities Elective, Old Testament History and Literature, Christian Worldview, Spiritual Formation 

Semester Two: Biblical Interpretation, English Comp 2, General Psychology, New Testament History and Literature, Marriage and Family

Semester Three: Math Elective, American Government, Survey of Church Ministries, Essentials of Leadership, Major Course

Semester Four: Speech, Life of Christ, Major Course, Major Course, Major Course, Apologetics 

Semester Five: 
Theology 1, Science Elective, History Elective, Major Course, Major Course

Semester Six: Theology 2, Romans, Major Course, Major Course, General Elective

Semester Seven: Language 1, Theology of Ministry, Intro to Philosophy, History of the Pentecostal and Charismatic Movement, Major Course, Field Practicum

Semester Eight: Language 2, Senior Seminar, Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, Major Course, Major Course


Notice Concerning Counseling Degree and Licensure: 

The Bachelor of Arts in Counseling is not intended to lead to licensure/certification.

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What can I do with this major? 

  • Pastoral Counselor

  • Graduate Student (Social Work, School Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Rehabilitation Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, etc.) 

  • Director of Student Services

  • Human Resource Assistant

  • Travel and Hospitality Liaison

  • Communications Facilitator

  • Client Advocate

  • Mental Healthcare Technician

  • Social Work Technician

  • Case Management Assistant

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Assistant 

  • Non-profit Worker 

  • Career Counselor

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Meredith Ivey

Counseling Program Chair

"I love teaching and hope that the students also love learning and use the knowledge they gain at Messenger College to grow in their service to the Lord."