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You are called. 

Christian Ministry

 Messenger College provides a residential learning platform that affirms and edifies those who have a calling to reach their world for Christ. The Christian Ministry degree prepares students to authoritatively and effectively respond to the need of the church and the world in which we live. 

Degree Programs 
B.A. in Christian Ministry

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Starting a degree in Christian Ministry will help you become an influencer for the Kingdom of God as well as help you: 

  1. Solidify a Foundational Biblical Knowledge

  2. Have Hands-On Practical  Ministry Training

  3. Prepare for Further Education

  4. Develop Effective Communication Skills

  5. Become Proficient in General Education

  6. Leadership and Professional Competency

Program Goals

Degree Concentrations 
The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry allows students to include a specific concentration to their degree program. Each concentration includes specific outcomes deemed essential to that concentration. We believe every student comes to us with unique gifts, talents, and strengths that are God-given because of a specific life call. We know you desire to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be excellent in the area of ministry where you are most passionate. The current concentrations are reflected below: 

Pastoral Ministry – offers a thorough understanding of the biblical principles of pastoral ministry, which includes the role of a pastor, pastoral theology, leadership styles, ministerial ethics, legal, business, and financial responsibilities. Competencies include a biblical foundation and practical application of pastoral theological practices, effective communication, interpersonal skills, and pastoral care, which includes; ministerial ethics, administrative practices, and an understanding of stewardship principles.

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Church Administrator

 Non-Profit Leadership

Ministry Leadership

Higher Education 

Church Planting


Dr. Steven Bontrager

Christian Ministries Program Chair

"It is my goal to see students thrive in their degrees and pursue excellence and integrity in everything they do."