Messenger College offers diverse learning experiences and specialized training at all of our teaching sites. These experiences are purposed to engage, enlighten, and enliven the heart, soul, and mind of the student. The pursuit of excellence in the journey of higher education is a genuine act of worship.

Whether you are a Higher Vision Teaching Site, Online Learning, or Residential student, the MC classroom is a place where focused and practical academics, specialized training and spirit empowered teaching synergize  to open a new world of biblical truth and understanding in the heart and mind of the student as they explore and discover God's word.  It is the desire of MC to aid the student in constructing a Christian worldview that is firmly grounded in the Bible. Such a worldview is imperative in living a life of service to Jesus Christ that in turn will advance His kingdom. 

Visit our available degree programs below to learn more about curriculum and completion plans. Degree program offerings vary by learning program, so be sure to follow up with your enrollment counselor to find out more information about what degree programs can be completed at your preferred teaching location.