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Campus Services

When you choose Messenger College you are embarking on an educational, spiritual, and cultural journey that will forever change your life. We strive to provide the best and most current resources for the success of our students and to prepare for your lifes vocation. Whether you need counseling support, career information, tutoring, or assistance in any area, we are here to serve you. 

Our heart is to help.

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Academic Assistance

The Academics Department is a resource at your request. We have staff members and teacher assistance that can help you achieve academic success.  Please contact for assistance.

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Consumer Information

As a member of the Messenger College community, you are entitled to know certain information about the College. All of this information is found on our website, but the following links may assist you in finding the information you need.

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We provide housing for our Texas Residential Learning Program.  Please check out our page for more information.



Along with a specialized MC email account, each student has access to the Populi Student Portal that allows students to connect with their peers, pay their school bill, receive campus-wide information, and much more. Populi is integrated with your MC email and calendar to create a complete communication network.


Alumni Relations

Connecting with our past to empower our future. Please help us update our Alumni database to connect with our former students and to showcase their success and contribution to the Kingdom


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Counseling Resources

We believe that seeking and receiving professional help can be an avenue of success and breakthrough for any individual.  We provide our students with resources to help them navigate through life. If you would like to speak to one of our faculty members for more information please e-mail the Student Development Department.

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Job Opportunities

The Student Development offices strives to provide the most recent openings within its parent denomination and other businesses and companies.  

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Prevention Program

It is the policy of Messenger College to promote a safe, healthy and productive environment for all students and employees. 

Messenger College presents the following information for your knowledge and in promotion of healthy lifestyles:

• Student and Employee Policies and Codes of Conduct

• Health Risks Associated with Substance Abuse

• Legal Sanctions: Federal and State

• Drug/Alcohol Counseling and Treatment

• Institutional Disciplinary Sanctions

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Career Development

Let us help you manage and transition through life's seasons and give you the tools to be successful beyond college.

Contact Samuel Kinnin at to set up an appointment. 

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The Student Development office strives to provide the most recent information regarding financial aid and helpful tools for student success. 

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Library Services

This webpage serves as the entry point for both on campus and online learning students, providing information about Library Services resources, tools, virtual library, and database resources available to all faculty, staff and students at Messenger College.

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Safety and Security

The Student Development office strives to provide the most recent information regarding the safety of our students and campus.  We work in close proximity to the local police department to ensure the safety of our campus and students. 

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