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Residence Life

Students enrolling in the Residential Learning Program in Bedford, Texas will experience a unique faith community during their time at Messenger College. The value of living in a community cannot be overestimated.

Developing world-changing Pentecostal leaders for the 21st century. 



Messenger College offers apartment-style living for residential students in "The Commons" at Vienna Terrace. Our housing facility is meant to help students adjust to becoming independent adults. Along with exciting residence life programming, this gated complex features:

  •  furnished living arrangements 

  • on-site maintenance assistance

  • security cameras on the premises

  • a community pool 

  • full kitchen in each apartment to ensure students are prepared for proper meal preparation

Residential Living Staff

MC offers apartment-style living for residential students in The Commons at Vienna Terrace. This gated complex is equipped with a full kitchen in each apartment, and residence life programming ensures students are prepared for proper meal preparation.


Our Residence Directors and Residence Assistants live on-site in the facility and are commissioned to provide counseling, mentorship, and assistance. 

Image by Dayne Topkin

New Here?

It has been said that the time spent at Messenger College can be the best years of your life. We want to make your transition to our campus successful. We have skillfully designed our community to welcome new students through consistent small groups, leadership check-ins, monthly meet-ups, and intentional activities that get you involved and feeling like family. You have applied to college, been accepted, now what? GET PUMPED to experience the best time of your life!

The Red and Blue

Student Handbook

Messenger College maintains certain standards, policies, and procedures, that reflect our affiliation with the doctrine and perspectives of the Pentecostal Church of God. This information will be helpful to you in taking advantage of the opportunities available to maximize your College experience.


Populi Student Portal

Along with a specialized MC email account, each student has access to the Populi Student Portal that allows students to connect with their peers, pay their school bill, receive campus-wide information, and much more. Populi is integrated with your MC email and calendar to create a complete communication network.

Community Forms

Leaving for the weekend? Having a guest stay with us? Sweet! Be sure to fill out the Overnight Check-Out Form or the Guest Check-In Form to help keep our residential community
You can find these forms on the Student Life page. 

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