Honoring the past…


For over 30 years, Messenger College has been dedicated to the task of developing PCG ministers and leaders to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.


This is our focus and our priority.


We honor the past and our legacy with our dedication to the mission. While the approach or location may change, the mission is the same. We are dedicated to training the next generation of Pentecostal pastors, worship leaders, church planters, missionaries, and leaders!


We also honor the past and our legacy with our connection to PCG and our alumni. Last summer, MC moved into the PCG International Mission Center. Since the move, our students have served PCG ministers at countless events and grown under the mentorship of PCG leaders. This winter, MC began renovations on our new Messenger College Library facilities. While hosting PCG volunteers, I had a very unique moment that perfectly illustrates the connection between honoring the past, empowering the future.


One of the PCG volunteers was my Father who serves as the Bishop of the Mid-Atlantic Coast District for the PCG. As we worked together, it occurred to me that MC’s legacy spans generations! Not only am I a proud MC alumnus, but he is a proud SBC alumnus, our parent institution. I thought to myself, “How awesome is this! Two proud alumni members are working together to serve the institution that we love.” As we continued to lay flooring, my excitement grew. I pictured countless future generations of Pentecostal leaders in the space studying, developing, and discovering God’s unique plan for their life!


Empowering the future…


Exciting things are happening at MC!


We are literally building a place of growth and developing students with limitless impact! Our current students are hungry for God, relentlessly pursuing His calling, and dedicated to serving in excellence and integrity. In other words, our students are world changers and warriors of the gospel!


Dear friend, hear me today, we have a BRIGHT future ahead of us! And I want to invite you to be a part of what is happening at MC. I believe that you have a heart for the work that we are accomplishing together through the mission of MC.

Whether you are alumni of MC or a parent institution, a PCG minister, or a friend of MC, I am asking you to consider giving a generous gift today.


Your support is vital. There are many pressing needs—areas where we need to develop, grow, and expand in order to create the absolute BEST ENVIRONMENT for our students to be trained and developed.


In order for us to continue on this mission – we need your help and support.


Our MC staff & administration are 100% focused on the task at hand. We are committed to be good stewards of the resources that God has given us.


I assure you that MC is good soil in which to sow!


It is because of your financial support that we are able to continue to develop world-changing Pentecostal leaders for the PCG. Thank you for your giving.


Serving this generation,

Randy Lawrence Jr.