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Dear Partners in Ministry:


Greetings from Messenger College, our only accredited college within the Pentecostal Church of God family!


I hope you will allow me to share my heart with you.  For over fifty-two years, I have served God full-time through the Pentecostal Church of God family in a variety of ministerial positions.  I believe in us, as an ordained body of believers, which God brought together to truly make a difference by impacting eternity. 


As a teenager, I felt the call of God upon my life. One evening, in a PCG Youth Camp, I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and completely surrendered to the call of God.  From that moment on, nothing has been more important in my life than pursuing this call.  I attended and graduated from Southern Bible College, because I knew that I needed a solid foundation in scripture and relational ministry prior to launching into full-time ministry.  Because of this, I have been fully invested in the ministry of our Bible Colleges.


Today, I truly believe that Messenger College is at a point to truly impact eternity!  MC is working with all of our PCG Departments at the International Missions Center to fully integrate and equip our students for Global Impact, which includes our local churches and districts plus international ministries.


This year most of our seniors are going into full-time ministry; many are returning to work in their local churches.  We also have several continuing their education for specific ministry assignments and potentially one remaining at MC to work with incoming students.  MC is making a difference within the PCG!


To continue to accomplish this impact, we need your help.  First, we need your prayers.  If you have a prayer team within your church, please include MC on your prayer list. I desire for us to be spiritually and relationally connected with you and your congregation. 


Secondly, I ask that you become a recruiter for MC.  I receive calls on a regular basis from pastors desiring a student to come for internships or actual full-time positions.  To accommodate these requests, we need more students.  Please help us by promoting MC to your youth, especially those who feel a call on their lives for ministry.  We offer degrees in Christian Ministry and in Counseling to help equip our students to fulfill the calling upon their lives.


Lastly, I ask for your financial support.  Every college has a financial sponsor.  Your state colleges receive funding from your states.  Private schools have endowments, corporate grants, denominational sponsorship, or benefactors.  When Messenger College was started, the PCG established a financial base of support from the individual districts and our local churches.  MC is dependent upon this support to sustain the ministry.


Let me encourage you to participate not only in monthly giving, but also in our Spring Financial Initiative, The Legacy Fund.   This is an annual drive to raise support for the ministry of MC.  This year we have a donor who is contributing a matching gift of $10,000 in memory of a spiritual mentor.  Please help us reach our goal of $10,000 to ensure your gift is multiplied! I would ask you to consider a legacy gift in memory of a special mentor, former pastor, family member, or even a general gift from your local church. 


I deeply appreciate you taking the time to invest in the next generation through prayer, connection, and financial support.


If you would like to stay connected to MC, please send your email and cell phone number along with your gift to Messenger College, PO Box 1207, Euless, TX 76039 or email your information to  We will be providing monthly updates on different aspects of the College.

With your gift, please put “Legacy Fund (and level if desired)” in the memo line.  If you are making a gift in memory/honor of someone, please also include their name.  These names will be posted on our website on June 1, 2022.     


If I can ever be assistance to you, please let me know.  Again, thank you for your support of Messenger College.



Dr. James E Rayburn, D.Min


Messenger College

Thank You to Our Donors!

In Memory of or In Honor of

Levels of Giving

$19.87 a month (Bronze) 
$87 a month (Silver) 
$198.70 a month (Gold) 
$870 a month (Diamond) 
$1987 one time donation (World Changer) 

ming sr 2.jpg

In Memory of Wayman Ming Sr. 

A $10,000 gift of Dr. and Mrs. William Bowden was made in memory of Rev. Wayman Ming Sr. in honor of his life and legacy. Would you consider working with us to match the gift?  

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