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Student Programming

Living in a Christian community like Messenger College can greatly facilitate your personal growth and development into such a leader. One significant step of maturity you will experience is moving from dependence to interdependence. This requires careful obedience to Jesus’ command, “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39). Our Student Development Department has strategically implemented intentional activities that build each student's faith as well as create momentous opportunities to connect with the community and the world in which they live. 

Proclaiming Bible Truth in Pentecostal Power


Campus Ministries 

The Campus Ministries program is designed to promote spiritual growth and accountability. Chapel services and other spiritual activities such as specialized worship events,  prayer nights,  hands-on ministry opportunities, and servant leadership programming. The Campus Ministries seeks to assist students in becoming involved in pastoral and evangelical ministry. Through Campus Ministries, students put knowledge to action through practical training through church and community involvement.

Student Congress

Our Student Congress team is responsible for hosting engaging community events, creating unique ways to communicate the vision of the student development mission, documenting unique stories and events on campus, challenging the community to better themselves, and representing the student body as a whole. They are concerned about the wellbeing of current and prospective students and promote the spirit, traditions, and legacy of Messenger College.



Our Chapel experiences are opportunities to engage with our students in worship and hearing the Gospel from various speakers. These opportunities allow us to gather under a spirit of unity as we magnify the Lord. 

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