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About Messenger College 

Messenger College is committed to developing world-changing Spirit-empowered leaders for the 21st century. At Messenger College, you will find a community of believers completely focused and dedicated to the pursuit of God's purpose in His Kingdom. The students who enroll at MC share a passion to become men and women of God fashioned as arrows in His hand to be released into their world for His glory.


It is here their passion is met with kindred hearts in the faculty and leadership of MC.  The Holy Spirit is alive and living in our community, a place where Spirit-empowered learning meets focused academics and specialized training for men and women who have responded and answered the call of God.  

We invite you to explore our website, and meet the faces of Messenger College.

The Legacy and Progress of Messenger College

Messenger College was founded in 1987. In November of 1983, the Pentecostal Church of God elected to merge two collegiate institutions into one college in Joplin, Missouri, the host city of its international headquarters. Southern Bible College (Houston, Texas) and Evangelical Christian College (Fresno, California), were consequently closed. The resources of both institutions were relocated to Joplin, Missouri. Subsequently, Messenger College was able to open in newly constructed facilities on wooded acres across from the international offices of the church denomination. The College officially opened its doors in September 1987.


In May of 2011, a terrible EF-5 tornado devastated the city of Joplin. Messenger College opened its campus as a distribution and volunteer housing center during that summer. In the aftermath of this event, Mercy Health Systems approached Messenger College with an offer to purchase its campus as the new site for their hospital, which was destroyed in the tornado. This offer made possible the relocation of the college to Euless, Texas, in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area.


In August of 2018, Messenger College moved to the Pentecostal Church of God International Missions Center. This location at 2705 Brown Trail, Suite 401, Bedford, Texas, includes classrooms, library, and administrative offices. The student residence apartments are located in Euless, Texas.


Messenger College is a private institution and legal entity operating under statutes of the State of Texas. 


Messenger College is the national collegiate institution of the Pentecostal Church of God in the United States for the education of its ministers, missionaries, teachers and other professionals to serve its constituency and others in the United States and abroad. The Pentecostal Church of God consists of over 1,000 churches in the United States. In addition, the denomination’s outreach to international nations include 3,365 churches and outstations, 107 schools and training centers, and numerous assistance programs providing food, clothing and related human care outreaches.


Mission and Values

The Mission and Purpose of Messenger College:

To educate and train leaders to effectively and efficiently change their world.


Four Foundational Planks:


The rationale for the mission statement of Messenger College originates out of four foundational needs Messenger College senses it must address.

  • We must strive to compassionately understand the substructures and underpinnings of our contemporary society.

  • We must make an authentic expression (communication) of the Gospel/Truth. Truth, genuinely stated and authentically expressed, will save the present generation, ensuring the future.

  • We must find an effective way to confront our contemporary society with the rational content and authentic personal expression of ultimate and objective truth (God’s Word-the Gospel).

  • We must develop ministers, spiritual leaders, preachers, and communicators of character and integrity, who are prepared, able, and willing to rise to this contemporary occasion and meet the above challenge.


Understanding the Four Foundational Planks:


The four foundational planks are understood and interpreted in terms of Mission, Method, Message and Messenger.


  • The first plank speaks to Mission. Mission has to do with the process of education. It is the process of education, which enables one to understand life universally and to discover one’s purpose. Mission and education have to do with the body of foundational knowledge that is necessary to fulfill one’s calling in life. This relates to the academic side of the process of education and training.

  • The second plank speaks to Method. This plank has to do with the process of training. It is the process of training that enables one to understand and acquire a skill to accomplish the mission (call). This includes several varied, but inter-related skills and disciplines and relates to the practical side of the process of education and training.

  • The third plank speaks to Message. This plank has to do with effectiveness. Effectiveness is doing the right thing in order to accomplish the mission. Therefore, this plank has to do with the nature and concept of truth (God’s Word – the Gospel). Knowing and doing the right thing, as opposed to an expedient thing, is a quality of leadership.

  • The fourth plank speaks to the Messenger (the person). This plank has to do with efficiency. Efficiency is doing the right thing in the right way. It has to do with whom and what the messenger is relative to issues of character, integrity, and authentic spiritual formation. Doing things in the right way, as opposed to an expedient way, is a quality of management.


Out of the above rationale emerges the mission statement of Messenger College:


  • Messenger College is committed to educating ministers and community leaders who will be:

  • Academically equipped with the essential knowledge,

  • Well-versed in the prerequisite skills,

  • Experienced in the fundamental practicalities necessary to authoritatively and effectively respond to the need of the church and the world in which we live


Commitments of Messenger College

Messenger College is a Christian, evangelical, Pentecostal institution founded to serve the youth and adult learners of the Pentecostal Church of God and the community.


The College is not concerned with challenging the church allegiance of its students; rather, it seeks to bring each student into a more personal relationship with Christ and to acquaint the student with the Holy Spirit and the operation of the spiritual gifts for the enrichment of spiritual life and ministry.


Faculty members are dedicated Christian men and women endowed with the power and love of the Holy Spirit. Each is academically competent and is dedicated to the ideal of educating the whole person in the concept that man is a triune being – spirit, mind and body. Further, each member of the faculty has an authentic concern for the welfare and total development of each student.


Curriculum: Messenger College has a general education and professional curriculum. Particular emphasis is placed on biblical studies, music, missions/intercultural studies and discipleship.


Truth: Messenger College is committed to truth. Truth is the way things really are. Facts change but truth is eternal. It is constant, reliable and fixed.


Prayer: Messenger College emphasizes prayer as a way of life. On the Messenger College campus, prayer is a normal and a natural means of constantly relating all of life to the will of God.

Messenger College has explicit rules and regulations for the development of self-discipline and character. Messenger College believes that self-discipline and learning should go hand-in-hand to build character. A student can best develop in the dimension of the whole person when both sound scholarly habits and a commitment to a disciplined behavior and sound character are engaged.


Messenger College firmly stands for and works to create a climate in which appreciation and respect is encouraged between the sexes, between members of different ethnic groups, between students and faculty, and in all other relationships. In addition, the College encourages spiritual worship and personal witness as well as church and chapel attendance.


Further, the College encourages cultivation of prayer and Bible-study habits, neatness of dress, good manners, personal integrity in speech, business and conduct, and a personal lifestyle that enhances individual integrity and personal development. Unseemly behavior is prohibited at the College. This includes sexual immorality, academic dishonesty, lying, stealing, cheating, gambling, profanity, vandalism, use of tobacco, immodest dress, violation of the rights of others, and other negative behaviors.


Upon enrollment at Messenger College, the student voluntarily accepts a unique way of life that seeks to provide development of spirit and physical fitness on the same high level as that of intellect. The student is expected to maintain the highest standards of behavior and performance while attending Messenger College, both on and off campus.