Application Deadlines and Admissions Policies 

Application Deadlines


The late application deadline for the Fall semester is July 1st. The late application deadline for the Spring semester is October 1st. Students interested in Fall 2022 or Spring 2023 admissions may begin applying as early as October 1st . Applications received after the dates posted below are considered on a case by case basis. We encourage prospective students to apply early and allow ample time to prepare for the start of a given semester. Students currently enrolled in their final year of high school studies may be approved for early provisional acceptance with an official transcript showing the current semester of study. All official transcripts are required in order to register for classes.

Admissions Requirements

The following admission requirements apply to all domestic learning program applicants. Admission to Messenger College is granted to all applicants who meet the College admission requirements and are duly approved by the Messenger College Office of Enrollment Services. Consideration will be given to each applicant without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, gender, handicap or age. However, attendance at Messenger College is a privilege and not a right. Any student who does not abide by the standards and regulations of the College may forfeit such a privilege.


Please note, all courses are taught in English and English proficiency through the admission requirements for traditional (admissions essay) and international students (TOEFL minimum score of 535) is required.


Non-degree seeking applicants are required to submit an application and biographical sketch. Once a complete application has been received by the Office of Enrollment Services, the applicant will be officially notified by mail of the committee’s decision.


For degree-seeking students, application for admission should be made through the Office of Enrollment Services. These forms should be on file well in advance of the beginning date of the semester in which the student plans to enroll. To complete the application process, the applicant must file the following with the College:


  • Application Form

  • Two references (non-relative individuals)

    • One reference must come from the applicant’s pastor (if the pastor is a relative, the reference must be submitted by a non-relative credentialed minister)

  • Official high school transcript. The transcript must be issued directly from the high school to Messenger College. (An unofficial copy of the transcript may be submitted until the official copy arrives.)

  • An official transcript from all post-high school institutions attended.  The transcript must be mailed directly from the institution to Messenger College.

  • An admissions essay which is embedded in the application

  • ACT or SAT scores (required if high school GPA or college transfer GPA is less than 3.0)

  • A non-refundable application fee of $35


The Admissions Committee will review their application and application essay to determine the applicant’s college readiness. If the Admissions Committee determines the student may need additional help, the student may be admitted with restrictions and/or on an academic warning with the possibility of placement in developmental courses in subjects such as Math or English. 


Students who have withdrawn from the institution for any reason and have not re-enrolled for two consecutive semesters, are required to apply for Readmission under the current academic catalog.


International Students


Candidates for international admissions must begin negotiations with their governments and Messenger College in ample time prior to the anticipated date of entrance into the United States. Applicants must complete the admissions application process no later than six months prior to their intended semester start date and meet international admissions requirements in order to be considered for acceptance, unless the school stipulates in writing otherwise. 


All on campus and online course instruction is in English. A candidate must be an accepted student before Messenger College will issue an I-20 Form.  An I-20 Form is required for an international student to apply for an F-1 student visa through the United States embassy or consulate. The college does not provide visa services.


In addition to information required from U.S. residents or citizens, international students will be required to submit the following before an I-20 Form will be issued:


  • Admissions Application (

  • Admissions application fee $35 USD

  • Copy of the photo page of applicant’s passport

  • Formal admissions essay which is embedded in the application

  • Two letters of recommendation

    • One letter of recommendation must be from the current PCG Global Missions Director, MC President, or MC Chairman of the Board.

    • One letter of recommendation must be endorsed by the student’s field representative, area supervisor, and/or National Bishop

  • Official secondary education transcripts and any applicable post-secondary education transcripts issued to Messenger College (issued from the institution to MC) and an evaluation report issued from WES (see below).

    • Also, submit transcripts to a third-party evaluator for verification. An evaluation of all international transcripts by the World Education Services (WES), a recognized foreign credential evaluation service, is required to indicate the US equivalency of the degree/coursework/GPA. Transcripts will also need to be translated to English (if applicable). Please visit to find out how to submit official documents and begin the process. Please use the “WES Course-by-Course” evaluation report. The applicant is responsible for all fees to WES. The WES report should be sent directly to Messenger College from WES.

    • A 3.0 cumulative grade point average in college preparatory work or standard high school level courses is considered the minimum requirement

  • Take and submit college entrance exam (ACT or SAT)

    • These scores will be considered in connection with assessment testing for placement purposes in English Composition and Mathematics. If the applicant’s country does not offer this type of exam, please contact the admissions counselor for further assistance.

  • Take and pass TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) proficiency exam (minimum required score of 535). An applicant must be able to show a thorough working knowledge of the English language.

  • Submit the new student housing application and $250 USD security deposit

  • Submit the new student health form (requires Tuberculosis test and verification of required immunizations)

  • Submit proof of financial ability and support to attend MC.

    • Current Personal Bank Statement (6 months of activity)

    • Notarized Affidavit of Support (with 6 months of bank statements) from sponsor

  • Submit payment for the first semester of, and

  • Submit a deposit for the cost of transportation to return to student’s home country; amount to be determined in the admissions process.


International students must complete all admission steps, and be issued an acceptance notice, before an I-20 Form will be issued. This form is sent to the student after the semester’s finances are received by the college. The school does not provide visa services.


Admissions Deadlines – All required admissions application materials must be on file by February 1 for the Fall Semester and July 1 for the Spring Semester to allow ample time for the issuing of an I-20 Form and student application and processing of the F-1 student visa.




College Entrance Exams (ACT/SAT)


Messenger College considers the “whole student” in reference to academic readiness and is a test-optional-for-some institution.


For international students (see separate policy below) and first-time college students whose high school GPA is lower than a 3.0, applicants must submit college entrance exam scores (such as the ACT or SAT).


For transfer students with a college GPA under 3.0, college entrance exams may also be required. If desired, the transfer students may submit alternative documentation of college readiness for consideration by the Admissions Committee. However, the Committee may still require college entrance exams on a case-by-case basis if the student’s college GPA is lower than a 3.0. A phone interview may also be required. The student may be admitted on academic warning and/or with additional restrictions.


Ability to Benefit


Applicants are required to be high school graduates with a satisfactory record of achievement. A “C” average in college preparatory work (such as CLEP exams) is conventionally considered the minimum. The Academic Office will handle, on an individual basis, those with non-standard and special education high school records.


Applicants who do not have a high school diploma may be admitted if they can provide a GED certificate. Applicants who were home-schooled must have adequate records or a GED certificate. 


Transcripts from another country must have an evaluation of all international transcripts by the World Education Services (WES), a recognized foreign credential evaluation service, is required to indicate the US equivalency of the degree/coursework/GPA. Transcripts will also need to be translated to English (if applicable). Please visit to find out how to submit official documents and begin the process. Please use the “WES Course-by-Course” evaluation report. The applicant is responsible for all fees to WES. The WES report should be sent directly to Messenger College from WES.


Applicants who present unfavorable records may (1) be denied admission, or (2) be admitted with restrictions and on academic warning. This warning may be lifted by meeting satisfactory academic progress at the end of the first semester of enrollment. Students may also be required to take developmental courses.


Students enrolled in developmental courses must earn a minimum C letter grade in order to advance into ENG1013 English Composition 1 or MAT1113 College Algebra. Students taking ENG1013 English Composition 1 must pass this course with a minimum C grade before moving to ENG1023 English Composition 2.


Required Disclosures


Admission may be denied to those persons whom the institution considers to be a potential danger to the safety, security, and educational environment of Messenger College. The college may revoke (or may subject to certain conditions) the admission of any already admitted person who is deemed to be a potential danger to safety or security or threatens to disrupt educational processes. Such persons shall be afforded due process as outlined in the Student Handbook.


In order to help foster a safe learning environment, the college requires those individuals who have been convicted of a felony, and who are interested in attending classes at the college, to disclose this information prior to registering for credit or continuing education classes. Felons who have been convicted of sexual offense and/or violent crimes may be admitted to the college but may not be admitted to student housing.


Based on the nature of the offense and other factors, the college reserves the right to deny admission, revoke admission, limit enrollment and/or restrict activities of a student. Campus notifications will be initiated as deemed necessary. Failure to disclose a felony conviction may result in the student being immediately withdrawn from current classes and may result in disciplinary action including suspension or dismissal, as outlined in the Student Handbook.


Note to Residential Applicants


Students applying for admission to the residential learning program who also wish to apply for student housing should reference the residence life housing policies located in the Student Handbook for application requirements.


Texas Legislation has regulations (with limited exceptions) regarding vaccination requirements that affect all MC residential

students. Please refer to the requirements as outlined in the Student Handbook.